Cleveland, OH Engagement Photographer | Rebecca + Tom

I just got off the phone with a bride-to-be about a really fun engagement session to schedule when I get back to work after my maternity leave in Spring 2014 – and it got me really excited about getting behind the engagement photography lens again – especially after working with these two a couple of months ago.

This couple was so incredible.  Just look at the pictures, and I won’t have to explain to you how gorgeous they are as a couple – but what’s really fantastic about them is who they are as people and as a couple. They are SO in love, have an amazing chemistry – and seem to be best friends.  From the way I saw Tom look at her in the very first frame – I knew this shoot was going to be a breeze.

If the positive vibe I got from hanging around them for an hour and a half was any indication of what their future is going to be like – I’m excited to know that they have a long, happy life together.  Meet the adorable Rebecca and Tom.


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Cleveland, OH Engagement Photographer | Tanner + Ashante

If you’re a reader of my blogs (I hope there’s someone out there??!) … I hope that you can get a sense not only for how much I love my job, but for how much I love getting to know each client and their story and sharing it with you.  And for those of you that have seen my blogged sessions I’ve done for my close family and friends… you can probably tell I’m a huge ball of emotion about it.   I usually blame that gene on my Dad’s side of the family … and well… considering the groom-to-be in these images is from that side of the family AND he and I grew up together … well, get the tissues.

Tanner and I grew up together in the same little hometown and have so many incredible (and mostly hilarious) memories.  From spending weekends at our grandparents’ house with our siblings and other cousins making up air guitar band performances to Def Leppard … to family card nights on holidays… to Jason Aldean concerts …  to him choosing me to be his confirmation sponsor (*sniff sniff*)… to helping each other through some tough times… I can’t tell you how much I adore this kid.  And now as adults, his friendship is so important to me, and I always have this “little brother” feeling towards him that makes me want to protect him and make sure that he’s happy.

So when he introduced me to Ashante and I saw the look in his eyes when he did… I knew that happiness wasn’t a question.  At the beginning of their relationship I had a little bit of time with her here and there… but it was a state-long roadtrip across PA to Tanner’s older brother’s wedding where I had the opportunity to truly get to know her and appreciate the things that Tanner loves about her.   She is shy and humble… with a huge, caring heart… and not mention some pretty sweet dance moves when she brings them out (ha!).  But most importantly, she adores my cousin… and for that, I love her the most.

So when they told me that they wanted me to do their engagement photos for them… I absolutely could not wait.    And God love these two….  not only did they drive in all the way from the east coast to get these photos done, they got up at 4am to drive up from her hometown in another part of Ohio so that we could get the nice early morning lighting!  (They will tell you that I slept through my alarm. Don’t listen to them).

We kicked it all off during the chilly morning hours in downtown Cleveland …  and by chilly I mean I was in a sweatshirt, winter coat and fingerless gloves… and STILL shivering. (Remember that when you see some of these outfits!  Ashante is my style idol)  But… you know what I  say about cold weather and engagement shoots… just one more reason for them to get closer!!!


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Cleveland Engagement Photographer | Olmsted Falls | Taylor + Zach

As I shared with you in the Fall… I ventured into the world of engagement photography and fell in love with the opportunity to capture “love” in a new way.  Not only is it a fun change of pace for me (and as close to wedding photography as I want to get right now! ha!), but it’s also a pretty cool honor.

And it is that much MORE of an honor when you know the  people that you’re photographing.  I worked together with these two back in my sports days… and while all three of us have moved on to new ventures… it’s neat to still stay connected, and even neater for me to see them taking this next step in their lives together.

Any time I go into an engagement session with people I know – my biggest concern is their comfort level (considering I’m going to ask them to be romantic in front of me!!! ha)  What I loved about these two is that they didn’t care WHO was around or WHO was behind the camera…  they are so relaxed, themselves, and so cute together.  Fun to watch it unfold through my camera.


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Cleveland Engagement Photographer… in Pittsburgh | Rob and Heather

A couple months ago, my best friend of 22 years came to me and told me that she wanted me to capture her engagement photos for her.  I was ecstatic… and secretly terrified at the same time.   You would think that because I’ve known her forever that I wouldn’t be nervous … but it was BECAUSE I’ve known her forever that I felt that added pressure to make sure that I captured these two in the best way that I possibly could.

You have to understand that this girl is not someone I’ve “just known” for 22 years.  She’s the friend that knows my life story because she was part of most of it.   The friend whose phone calls always feel like “home” when my life gets chaotic. The  friend who understands who I am – will make fun of me for it sometimes (like right now for being so sappy :))- but always loves me anyways.   The friend who will book a flight to Vegas with me for the following weekend because we feel like it.  The friend who will give me “honest” when no one else will. The friend that every person deserves to have.

So needless to say… emotional me had tears in my eyes within 10 frames of this session.  It was just such an honor for me to be the one to document this time in her life. I tell Rob about every five minutes how much I appreciate him and the way that he brings out the absolute best in her, and the more I learn about him, the more it affirms how much he deserves her too. And it was so neat for me to see all of that coming out via my little lens. One of my favorite moments so far as a photographer.

From a photography standpoint – I had so much fun being in a new setting in downtown Pittsburgh.  Neat for me to have the urban feel and new backgrounds and architecture to work with. But let’s be honest, people… we could have photographed these two in a dumpster and they would still look this good and this in love.

Check out one of my favorite. sessions. ever.


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Chagrin Falls OH Engagement Photographer | L + S

I’m excited to share another one of my five engagement shoots for the last couple of months of 2012.  It has been so fun stepping outside of the box a little bit and capturing a new type of love in photography.

I was really honored when these two reached out to me  about doing their engagement photos after seeing one of the sessions I did this summer.  While they live out of state, they are getting married back here in Cleveland and we snuck in this shoot for them while they were back doing some planning!

These two were so fun and easy-going and it couldn’t have been a more perfect morning in Chagrin Falls… a little town that makes you feel like you’re on the set of a movie … the perfect romantic backdrop for these two lovebirds 🙂


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