First and foremost… kudos to you for clicking on this part of the website.  Because when choosing a photographer, you should be just as confident in the PERSON that you hire as you are in their abilities to deliver beautiful images that you’ll love.

So with that…  hey there, person who searches for photographers like a rockstar!  My name is Brea (pronounced ‘Bree’ – everyone always asks!) and I am a photographer in Pittsburgh who aims to help families see the beauty, positivity, perspective and authenticity in their lives through images.

I consider my job as a newborn, children and family photographer a HUGE responsibility.   As someone who spent most of my childhood POURING through photo albums and asking my Mom to tell me stories about the photographs in them… I can assure you that I don’t take it lightly that you are asking ME to create the photos that will be YOUR story starters for years to come.

So who am I behind the lens?

Learn more about why I think the client/photographer match is so important


And at the end of the day when the session is over and the pictures are edited… I am a person who loves the little moments in life.  I’m a crier because I’m happy.  I love sports and country music.   I’m a Mom to three amazing little spirits, a wife to the best man I know and love everything about writing. I have a relentless passion for helping mothers find more ways to connect on our similarities and embrace everything that we authentically are FIRST as people, and then as moms.  I strive to do that both in my writing and in my interaction with my amazing client moms.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and my work… and I look forward to hearing how we can work together to beautifully document this stage of your family’s life.

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Thanks so much for being here.


(Headshot and Family Photo by the amazing Ashley Sasak Photography)