Happy Mothers Day | Why Moms Changed My Why

Over the last several years, this photography journey has taken me to places and people that I never intended when I bought my first camera.  Clients who were once a name on a first-time inquiry in my inbox have now become friends that I care for dearly.  And I am so lucky for that.

But probably the biggest surprise is how my role behind the lens has inspired me to be such a relentless advocate for moms.

Because in doing hundreds of sessions over the last several years, there’s no question that every single mother who has been on the other side of my camera is beautifully unique from the other.  But she is also very much the same. And SO MANY OF US spend our time comparing our differences, instead of seeing that we all really just want the same things… and that we share in the same struggles.

We have days we have insecurities..  We can fear judgement.  We want a break.  We crave time with our family when no other life responsibility is tempting us in the back of our minds.  We just want to be able to let loose sometimes.  We would do anything for the well being of our kids, and we want them to remember us as being GOOD. We have days where we wonder if we can do it, and then will turn around the next and wonder how we ever existed without them.  We have a hard time with our changing bodies.  We struggle to find balance between being parents and being a married couple.  We want to just “be” and not worry how our parenting choices will be perceived by others, or if they are the best ones for our kids.

Most importantly, we just want to be the best mothers we can be in a world that is constantly trying to tell us we are not.

This was put in front of me EVERY time I photographed a family, and heightened by the fact that I was going through my own growth in motherhood. And that’s when I realized that I had a much bigger calling in this life than to just be a picture taker.

My camera had the power to show a family what exists when you peel away the stress and the social pressure. I had the ability to create a safe space for a couple of hours for them to just “be” who they were without housework, jobs and judgement in their way.   That shutter button could freeze dozens of pictures that a Mom could refer to on the days she felt like she was falling apart.

I have made it my life’s mission both through my lens and through my words on The Thinking Branch to continue to help us all see that it’s OK to be whoever we are.  That doing our best as mothers is enough. That loving our kids hard will trump any mistakes we might make along the way.

It has been an incredible privilege to get to know these mothers. I love hearing their stories. I love when they feel comfortable enough to unleash honesty on me.  I love watching their kids respond to them. I love when their authenticity is undeniable in a picture. I love learning from them. I love being inspired by them.

By YOU!  My beautiful, strong PBB Moms. Thank you for the privilege of being welcomed into your lives to help document these precious times and be able to SHOW YOU everything that is amazing about you and your family.  Let’s keep working together to build bridges between each other as mothers,  to accept ourselves for who we are… and to believe that we are more than enough for our kids.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. Keep shining.

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Avon Lake, OH Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy T | At-Home Session

I am BEYOND excited to share both of these sessions with you! I typically like to wait to share a maternity session until the baby is born and I can share the baby pictures with you at the same time – but you have no idea how hard it was to keep this maternity/family session to myself until now!

Mom initially came to me about doing a maternity session and she loved the idea of combo-ing it with an-at home lifestyle session to document a “day-in-the-life” before their sweet family of three became four.  It was a not-warm-at-all day in January (in Cleveland? shocking) but these guys rocked it out anyways before we headed back to their house to capture some personal shots 🙂  Mom has the most amazing spirit about her, and a natural beauty that the camera adored.




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Avon, OH Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Mr. L | One Week New

It’s a really special thing when I have the opportunity to photograph a brand new baby coming into the world for two brand new parents – but it’s that much cooler when I also have chance to capture their last couple of weeks of pregnancy.  Most importantly for the sentiment of documenting such a cool time… but also because I appreciate the opportunity to get to know my clients prior to going into their home and doing such an important session for them.

These guys were pretty amazing to work with.  Mom took a lot of time choosing a photographer and asked all of the right questions when reaching out to me.. and I was really honored to know that she chose to work with me.  Mom knew exactly what she wanted out of these sessions, and we spent some great quality time over email and the phone really talking about what kind of a “feel” she wanted out of her images and what she was going to do with the images afterwards.

Our maternity session fell on a really neat end-of-Fall, beginning-of-winter day – and I loved how the snow settled softly on our background. But these two were the ones that made the session … the chill didn’t stop this Mom from exuding gorgeousness and positivity, and these two from showing how darn adorable they are as a couple…


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Miss K | 12 days new | Avon Lake, OH Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Photography by Brea

I say it all of the time – but there are really few things that remind me more of why this job is so awesome than when I get to photograph really special moments for my friends.  And how much more special does it get than those final stages of your first pregnancy, and then that moment that you welcome your first baby into the world?  Was so honored when these two asked me to document that for them … and even MORE excited knowing what an easy job it would be working with these two kind, laid-back kids.

Our maternity session day was NOT warm. (like… at all)  I’m pretty sure there were a few windy raindrops hitting our faces along the way but these two could have cared less…  which  just added to their awesome factor. And the adorable meter?  Off the charts…



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Avon Lake Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Baby M | One Week New


It’s official. I have the nicest clients ever.  I have been so blessed to work with so many great people in this venture…  and these two are no exception.

Back in December, I had the awesome opportunity to meet this couple and do a couple of maternity shots for them. Me and the Mom-to-be spent a lot of time emailing before we met – and I could tell just within our emails that we were going to click.   Not only was I excited about the opportunity to get to know them before they welcomed me into their home to do their little munchkin’s newborn shots… but when I met them, I immediately could tell what an awesome couple they are together, and how lucky I was to be the one to work with them.

We decided to do their maternity shoot at Walker Road Park in Avon Lake – and the setting was perfect.  Mom’s pop of color was perfect in the wintry setting…  and these two couldn’t have been cuter.


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