In 2011 – I was on a steady corporate track in an industry that I loved.  Ahead of me I knew how much potential I had, and in my pocket was a consistent paycheck that I knew would ensure my family was comfortable.  But something inside of me knew that there was a different path meant for me.  And at five months pregnant … I put “stability” in my rearview and saw a sign in front of me that said, “Risk” with an arrow pointing to my future … and I put my foot on the pedal.

I vividly remember how scared I was.

And my inner voice-of-fear that kept trying to hold me back screaming, “What if this doesn’t work?!  What if you don’t make enough money for your family? Are you good enough at photography to make a business out of it? You are going to throw away everything you’ve worked for and never be able to get it back if you get off the path now!”

I almost let those fears stop me… but I didn’t.  Instead I listened to the voice that was reaching to slam the breaks on my fears and remind me of my passions, my talent and my vision.  And I took me and my pregnant belly out into the world of entrepreneurship with my fingers crossed.

Was it easy? Heck no.  Did I make mistakes? A LOT OF THEM.  Did I want to give up? A couple of times.

But now almost six years later my business is thriving and making money for my family…  but MOST importantly, I absolutely love what I do, I have a family of clients who have become like friends, I have a job that allows me to create memorable experiences for families… and I get to do it all on MY terms.

I LOVE the business side of photography just as much as I love the photography itself.  If you don’t feel that way, I want to help you shift your thinking and challenge yourself to see if you are bringing enough “you” into your work, your sessions, your packages, your social media presence and your interactions with your clients and potential ones.  I want to help you price your work and create packages in a way that works for YOU.

With fives years of experience in the sales and service side of professional sports, and almost six years of experience running a service and experience-based photography business… I know that I can help you on your journey.  I’m not here to judge your work. I’m not here to judge your level of knowledge. I’m not here to decide whether or not you “should” be doing this. I’m here to support you in your journey and help you get your business on a track that feels authentic to you. I love my job, and I want to help you love yours too.


1.) You have dream of starting your own photography business (or service-based) business but have no idea where to start or are afraid of taking the risk

2.) You are currently running a photography (or service-based) business, believe in your product but are struggling with marketing, gaining clients and hanging on to them.

3.) You are spinning your wheels and spending your money trying to find your next client

4.) You struggle with client interaction/how to present your service/how to respond to email inquiries

5.) You just want to talk to a photographer who is “in it” to bounce ideas, ask advice and gain some direction.


1.) A photography class.   I am not here how to teach you how to take beautiful pictures. I AM here to help you figure out how to market those beautiful pictures AND yourself.

2.) A place to get legal or tax advice I am not a legal or tax expert and will not offer suggestions/advice on these types of business decisions.

3.) And end-all-be-all.  Just like reading one sales book isn’t going to make you an expert in sales, having a conversation with me isn’t going to automatically make your business successful.  My goal is to help you along your way and give you a safe space to ask any question (none of which will be labeled as “bad”)

Does this sound like what you need right now?

Be in touch! I’d love to hear from you and have a discussion about how one of my hourly consulting packages can help you get on the track you want to be!

“Brea – I can not thank you enough for everything you’ve done to help me turn my dream of starting a photography business into a reality. From the moment we first talked on the phone, I knew I had picked the right person to help me in my journey. I instantly felt like you “got” me. You not only helped me grow as a business owner and photographer, but as a person as well. With your guidance, support, and seemingly endless knowledge of everything business – I’ve been able to go from having no paying clients 2 years ago, to being able to be completely booked up several months in advance. I couldn’t have done it without you -Thank you!  

-Ashley from Ashley Sasak Photography