One of the things that has surprised me the most about becoming a photographer is how connections are built with the people I photograph.   Whether it’s a family I’m meeting for the first time, a family I casually know from photographing them each year, or people that have known me from before I had a camera in their face… the photographer/photograph-ee relationship becomes very personal… because the moments we capture are personal.

And the evolution of my connection with this family has been a really neat thing to be a part of.   We’ve known each other for (8 years is it, guys?!) – but I feel like I’ve truly gotten to know them in these last two years of helping them document their growing family.  Maybe it’s the natural connection that parenthood creates between people, or the uninterrupted time that you have during sessions to talk about real-life things … whatever it is, I can tell you I’m really happy to call these guys my friends.

I photographed their first sweet little soul entering the world two years ago – so when I got the “we’re having another baby” note from Mom I couldn’t have been more excited for them.  They waited to find out if big bro was going to have a little sister or brother until delivery day … and when I got the news, I started packing the bows this time instead of the bow ties 🙂  And my-oh-my did this sweet girl wear them well.