It’s Father’s Day… and on this day I LOVE looking back on some of the pictures of Dads that I’ve taken over the last year.  Each picture is so personal and special to each of these Dads and these families… but when you put them all together like this… it’s a pretty awesome representation of what a Dad really stands for.   There’s so much love, happiness, hilarity, solidarity and support in these images… and MANNNN is it an awesome privilege to have the responsibility of grabbing those emotions, sending them through my camera, and delivering them on the other end to go and live for a lifetime in family archives  (No pressure, right?)

In going through some of the images from this past year – it’s pretty obvious what a cool array of personalities, stories and backgrounds that these Dads have.

… Dads who melt around their army of pink-bowed girls… and ones who are just as much of a softie with their duo of boys.

… Dads who carry their third newborn baby around like a football… and ones who hold their first born as if she’s going to break right there in their arms.

… Dads who sacrifice time away from their families to provide for them… and ones who sacrifice for us and their families as military men and public service officers.

…Dads who weren’t sure if they were ever going to get the chance to called “Dad”… and ones who don’t share blood with the children that unquestionably call them Dad.

… Dads who fight for inclusion for their children… and ones who fight off tears watching their wife and baby get photographed.

But in ALL of those different personalities, stories and backgrounds… one thing absolutely remains the same: a love for the little ones who rely on them for all of that love, happiness, hilarity, solidarity and support.  And these images so beautifully represent that.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, fellas.  And a special shout out to the PBB Dads who were cool enough to take off the tough guy armor, and show all of this vulnerability in front of my camera.  Your kids will give you an extra thanks for it … especially when they have these images hanging in their own houses someday 😉