I always say it – one of my favorite things that I’m privileged and humbled to get to do as a photographer is to photograph my friends and their families.   The Dad in this little trio was my first boss when I came to Cleveland, and now we are so lucky to call him and his just-as-kind-as-she-is-gorgeous wife friends of ours.  Two of the nicest people that you can ever want to be around. Ask anyone that knows them and they’ll say the same.

I was so lucky last year to get to photograph their little man as a newborn when they became parents for the first time… and it was awesome to get the email to be asked to work with them again to document this little dude’s first birthday.

Outside of having the most beautiful lakeside morning (with a lake that was blue as I’ve ever seen it!) … this little guy couldn’t have been more cool,  happy, adorable and content…  An awesome little combination for a photo shoot.  They came with some amazing photo ideas (and Mom came with an amazing dress) – and put it all together and this happened.  😉