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Welcome to the world Baby S | Avon Lake Newborn Photographer

It feels so good to be in the swing of the photography season after stepping back a little bit over the last couple of months to recharge and spend some time with my crew.   This session with this brand new PBB Family was such a reminder of everything I love about in-home newborn photography.  The comfort level it gives to the family, the personalization of the images, the relaxed environment.

This brand new mom and dad duo couldn’t have been more incredible with each other and with the baby. I was such a deer in headlights the first time I brought a baby home and these two just seemed like naturals in the three hours that we spent together… and I loved the way that they supported each other.

Add all of that together with one of the sweetest babies inside one of the sweetest nurseries… this session was a dream and I’m so grateful to these two for welcoming me so warmly into their home and trusting me to document these first days as a family of three.


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Avon Lake, OH In-Home Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy M

I love my job.  And I especially love my job when I get to work with families like this one.  So nice.  So fun. So easy going.   And I was thrilled when Mom announced another baby was on the way for them – and humbled that she and her husband asked me to come back and help them freeze this next awesome moment in their lives.

What I LOVE about this session is – well, of course – that I got to call “cuddling a newborn  baby” part of my job and get to capture him in all of his teeny-tiny handsomeness. And I also loved that we got to document big sis’s personality and the new dynamic between her and her new little sib too.  It’s something that I really love about photographing a family in their own home for newborn pictures – there’s a comfort level that you can’t replace and it helps such beautiful, personal images for the family.  Because … at the end of the day… a newborn coming into the family is just as much about that baby as it is about a growing family.  And I love capturing that.

Love this collection of images.  Check out one of my favorite families 😉



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Cleveland, OH Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy J | Rocky River, OH

To say that I adore this family is an understatement…  And then to try to put into words how COOL it has been to photograph their family every year (sometimes two times a year) for the last four years is probably pretty impossible.  This session marked our THIRD newborn session together as big sis and big brother welcomed their littlest brother into their tribe.

We stepped outside the “normal” PBB newborn session set up and got outside for the first half of the session to capture some fun family and big sibling shots… as well as some sweet outdoor newborn shots of the little dude before going back and doing some in-home photographs… and I LOVE how complete it made the session feel.








Mom has always photographed with such ease and gorgeousness… ESPECIALLY after having her babies which is extra awesome.  She exuded a really beautiful “zen” spirit that day… which is kind of exactly opposite what you expect when you have two active older siblings in addition to the demands of a new baby… but that’s her. 





And back home for some snoozing in my cozy traveling studio 😉





Moms and Dads of multiple kiddos … don’t ever forget to take pictures together with each individual child.  This is such a special thing for them to have when they’re older.  They’ll be so many pictures of them with their siblings and the whole family… this kind of image is one they’ll cherish.  And you will too.


You guys are so amazing.  If I write too much I’ll probably cry… so we’ll just say “until next time…” – and get really excited that “next time” we will have a whole new set of locations to choose from.  Love you all.  Until then…


Happy Father’s Day PBB Dads | Cleveland, OH Newborn and Family Photographer | Photography by Brea

It’s Father’s Day… and on this day I LOVE looking back on some of the pictures of Dads that I’ve taken over the last year.  Each picture is so personal and special to each of these Dads and these families… but when you put them all together like this… it’s a pretty awesome representation of what a Dad really stands for.   There’s so much love, happiness, hilarity, solidarity and support in these images… and MANNNN is it an awesome privilege to have the responsibility of grabbing those emotions, sending them through my camera, and delivering them on the other end to go and live for a lifetime in family archives  (No pressure, right?)

In going through some of the images from this past year – it’s pretty obvious what a cool array of personalities, stories and backgrounds that these Dads have.

… Dads who melt around their army of pink-bowed girls… and ones who are just as much of a softie with their duo of boys.

… Dads who carry their third newborn baby around like a football… and ones who hold their first born as if she’s going to break right there in their arms.

… Dads who sacrifice time away from their families to provide for them… and ones who sacrifice for us and their families as military men and public service officers.

…Dads who weren’t sure if they were ever going to get the chance to called “Dad”… and ones who don’t share blood with the children that unquestionably call them Dad.

… Dads who fight for inclusion for their children… and ones who fight off tears watching their wife and baby get photographed.

But in ALL of those different personalities, stories and backgrounds… one thing absolutely remains the same: a love for the little ones who rely on them for all of that love, happiness, hilarity, solidarity and support.  And these images so beautifully represent that.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, fellas.  And a special shout out to the PBB Dads who were cool enough to take off the tough guy armor, and show all of this vulnerability in front of my camera.  Your kids will give you an extra thanks for it … especially when they have these images hanging in their own houses someday 😉





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Avon Lake, OH Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy T | At-Home Session

I am BEYOND excited to share both of these sessions with you! I typically like to wait to share a maternity session until the baby is born and I can share the baby pictures with you at the same time – but you have no idea how hard it was to keep this maternity/family session to myself until now!

Mom initially came to me about doing a maternity session and she loved the idea of combo-ing it with an-at home lifestyle session to document a “day-in-the-life” before their sweet family of three became four.  It was a not-warm-at-all day in January (in Cleveland? shocking) but these guys rocked it out anyways before we headed back to their house to capture some personal shots 🙂  Mom has the most amazing spirit about her, and a natural beauty that the camera adored.




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