It’s a really special thing when I have the opportunity to photograph a brand new baby coming into the world for two brand new parents – but it’s that much cooler when I also have chance to capture their last couple of weeks of pregnancy.  Most importantly for the sentiment of documenting such a cool time… but also because I appreciate the opportunity to get to know my clients prior to going into their home and doing such an important session for them.

These guys were pretty amazing to work with.  Mom took a lot of time choosing a photographer and asked all of the right questions when reaching out to me.. and I was really honored to know that she chose to work with me.  Mom knew exactly what she wanted out of these sessions, and we spent some great quality time over email and the phone really talking about what kind of a “feel” she wanted out of her images and what she was going to do with the images afterwards.

Our maternity session fell on a really neat end-of-Fall, beginning-of-winter day – and I loved how the snow settled softly on our background. But these two were the ones that made the session … the chill didn’t stop this Mom from exuding gorgeousness and positivity, and these two from showing how darn adorable they are as a couple…