At one of my newborn sessions, the baby’s dad and I were standing in the kitchen waiting for mom to finish feeding the baby before getting a couple of final photographs in to complete the session.  He said to me, “You know, this has been a really great experience. We were so worried about how it all would go, and this has just been great.”

There are few things that make my photographer heart happier than to hear that someone’s experience was memorable… even before they got their pictures.

Because you know what hurts my heart?  Knowing that there are families out there who don’t have pictures taken because “they’re not picture people” or that they just didn’t want to go through the stress (and pay the money) to have their families photos taken and then have their kids not cooperate.

That is why I have designed the Photography by Brea (PBB) Experience around creating an environment that embraces everything that you ARE as a family, and not everything that you SHOULD be.   That tries to reduce stress and encourage a balanced comfort level.  That feels more like an experience and less like a chore. Let’s talk about how:

  • Up to two hour family sessions.  You are not rushed.  Kids can take breaks for a snack or a drink. Meltdowns can happen and we have time to recover from them.  Because sometimes it takes some time to warm up to the camera!  Up to three hour newborn sessions.  Because let’s face it.  Babies are unpredictable.  We allow time for the baby to take breaks to eat or to be cuddled.  More time equals less stress.
  • On location family sessions (aka not a studio):  Let’s let your kids PLAY. Let’s give them space to roam and run and explore and be goofy and have fun and not be contained!  Maybe that’s at a park or maybe that’s in the familiar space at your home.   In-home newborn sessions:  CONVENIENT for you as a new parent. No packing up and leaving the house and chancing forgetting something that you need.
  • Not picture people?  Not a lot of people describe themselves that way.  But are you… people?  Because that’s what I photograph. People.  Whoever you are. Whatever personality you have. Whatever demeanor you bring to a session. These pictures are for YOU.  To remember who your family IS… not who you are supposed to be.  Photography by Brea is a judge. free. zone.  Leave all of that fear at home… and just bring  YOU to the session.  Take all of your thoughts about what you think photography sessions are, and decide that YOU will decide what your photography session is all about.   I will do everything in my ability to help you be comfortable enough to do that.

Are you ready to have your family or newborn photography experience?  Contact me and let’s have a discussion!