Think of this scene:   You’re in a park. Five different photographers get ten minutes each to photograph your family and produce final pictures for you. Each photographer takes their turn. One photographer poses your family all throughout the session and asks you all to look at the camera and smile.  The next photographer just tells you to “be yourselves” and interact naturally as a family. The next photographer brings in props to create a themed scene in front of which to photograph your kiddos.  The last photographer asks you to come to her studio for a couple of shots in front of a backdrop.

After this is over… Which photographer’s pictures will you want in your home?

Well,  that is up to YOU to decide. And there is no wrong answer… just the right one.  And the right one is the one that speaks to YOU.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have this privilege to be photographed by five different photographers.  So in order to get the most out of this investment in your family’s photo archives, it’s important to do your research ahead of time and determine which photographer’s style and personality match up best with what you’re looking for.

So how do you do that?

Look at photos on their website. Look at the “type” of images they deliver. Do they own a studio or do they photograph outdoors?   Do they use props?   Are the families in the pictures posed or is there a more candid feel to them? Go to their social media pages… what is their personality like?

And as you answer these questions – you have to think about how this matches up with what YOU want. Your investment is too valuable and your memories are too special not to.

So… let’s talk about why you’re here.  Am I a fit for you?  I might be if you envisioned yourself being photographed by the photographer who encouraged you to just “be yourselves” in the story above.

With children and family photography… that happens when I help create an environment that allows real moments to happen.   When I see Mom laughing at her little guy being goofy and not caring what her hair looks like. When I see a kid crossing his eyes at my camera and then laughing at himself (and giving me the most amazing candid smile) right afterwards.  I want to capture a “new” kind of Pinterest-worthy shot because your child did something awesome and authentic to his/herself.  I want to capture bonds. I want to capture love between Mom and Dad, between siblings, between the family as a whole.  I want to have a whole lot of fun. I want your images to feel like I just happened to stumble upon your family having a day out (with a couple of pictures of everyone looking at the camera when you realized I was there! ha!)

With newborn photography… that happens when someone wants their first moments as a family captured as authentically as possible.  And that starts with having the pictures done in your home.  Your baby lying in his or her own crib. Your family taking in the baby’s sweetness while sitting together on the family-room couch.  Mom taking in the baby’s tiny features while rocking him/her in the nursery.  The baby looking so tiny in Dad’s hands.  And to complete the story… it means capturing you bonding with your baby as parents and big siblings …. exploring what this new tiny human is about.

In short… I might be your photographer if  you love authentic images.  You love candid (and sometimes goofy!) smiles. You want pictures that will make you FEEL something. You want your gallery to tell your family’s story in pictures.  You want to have fun during your session and don’t mind your photographer acting like a fool to help that happen.  You want to see connection in your photos.  You want a little bit of everything… individual pictures of your kids, all of the family, just the kids, Mom with the kids, Dad with the kids… and EVEN a pic of Mom and Dad together (*gasp* haven’t done that since your wedding have you?!) And most importantly… you just want an experience where you can “be” everything that your family is… from the good, the bad, the crazy, the sweet and the imperfect perfection!

I hope to have the chance to work with you!  In the meantime… give yourself a little pat on the back for caring so much about preserving your family’s memories.   Your kids (and your 20-years-from-now self) will thank you 🙂