I was honored to be referred to this clan by a great family I photographed back in the Fall.  Mom and Dad had a simple request for location – water and trees!  I most recently discovered what a great spot Walker Road Park is for this type of scenery – especially with the way the sun hits in the evening.

When I first met this little lady who was about to turn two, I knew she was my kind of kid – super cute, great sense of style and Miss Independent… staring down the world around her wondering what she wants to get into next.  (including the pond – which we eventually had to distract her from since she wanted to actually go IN the water to feed the fish her crackers!)



 There’s something I love about these types of photographs that capture a toddler’s curiousity



I had brought a small container of bubbles with me  – what kid doesn’t like bubbles, right?!  Well little did I know how much she would LOVE them!  After holding on with a tight grip, and spilling it all over herself (Mom and Dad were good sports about it!) – the end images were worth it.  Especially this sweet moment between her and Dad.


We knew it was time to wrap up when she started to sweetly cuddle up to her two favorite people



Thanks to this fam for a great session!  Looking forward to seeing you again in the Fall 🙂