This family was one of the first that I photographed last summer as I was in pursuit of building a portfolio  (You’ll probably recognize their adorableness that is plastered all over my website! Including the crowd favorite of them pushing their kiddos in the swings)

This gorgeous Mom of three is as obsessed with photographs as I am.   And we share the same love of the “imperfect” photograph that has to be included in a series or the story wouldn’t be told.  It makes it incredibly fun to edit photos for her – and luckily for me, I have had the honor of editing three sessions for this crew.

To me… there’s no better compliment than repeat business and refferals.  And these guys have done it all for me. … And then some. There are no words for my appreciation. Instead… photographs 🙂


I don’t know how Mom and Dad do it three boys under the age of 4 – but then again, if they are this cute ALL the time…




You can’t tell how steep this hill is… but it is HIGH.  I’m about halfway up taking the photo. The two older boys climbed to the top and hung out.  So, we helped the little man get up there too.  Hey… wherever you can get them to sit still, we will find a way to snap a photo!


Cue the cute family photos…




And the glue that holds this family all together…. (they are beyond impressive with these three active little boys.)



Thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty to Photography by Brea…  You guys are the best.  Until next time 😉