I was so excited when this photo shoot finally came around!  Mom debated on whether to do a newborn session when baby #2 arrived, but decided to wait and make it a family session once the little guy was three months old.

These two are the type of parents you look at and go, “How are you always so laid back, and how do I get my kids to be THAT well behaved?!”  And after spending a couple of hours photographing them, you realize it’s a lot of love and teamwork between Mom and Dad – and the ability to let their toddler roam wherever his imagination takes him (not without a hand close by, of course… especially when that imagination made him want to get in the water and find out what the family of ducks was doing across the stream!)

Check out the sweet dynamic between these four…



So you can see how adorable this little dude is anyways….  but he’s THAT much cuter when you know that he’s super polite, friendly and well-behaved



Love this little guy’s blue eyes and his “don’t-mind-me-I’m-just-chillin-over-here” personality!



It’s not just the kiddos that deliver cuteness in family sessions! 🙂





I could have photographed you guys for another couple of hours I enjoyed this session so much! Love the happiness and love in your family!  Thanks for sharing it with me.  Until next time…