What’s great about children and family sessions is there’s always a story to every one.  You’ve seen me write about searching for princesses in castles, dodging rocks as a four year old whips them into Lake Erie, or pretending to be a dragon trying to break down the kids’ fort!  (Hey – whatever it takes to get the shot!)

This family’s story?!  Searching for frogs and having foot races at Bradley Nature Park!  And I can’t tell you how much fun these four were to work with, how sweet they are and how much fun they have together as a family.  They all gave me so many smiles it was hard to choose which ones were my favorite.



 Don’t let the blond-hair-blue-eyes-and-bow fool you – this one was grabbing sticks and poking at the water looking for frogs almost the entire time!


How cute are these four?!



I don’t understand?  Where did all the frogs go?


Oh wait… this one found them all!


These guys were AWESOME during their mom-and-dad only shots. A great couple.


THANK YOU GUYS for welcoming me into a morning at the park with your family.  Here’s to your first photo shoot not being your last 🙂  Until next time!