Mother Nature definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed the morning of this family’s shoot. She dumped a huge storm over Cleveland that almost caused us to bag our session at the South Chagrin Reservation – but, once she got her morning cup of coffee – the rain subsided,  the sun came through …and she created one of the more beautiful settings in which I’ve shot in a while.

Good thing too… because this family was in from out of state visiting Grandma and we only had a few hours for this shoot to even happen.  And I’m so happy it did. Talk about a family who showed up completely relaxed and excited about hanging out in the park and getting their photos done… and they oozed happiness. And me? Well I was just the one there to capture it…




These two are great together.  You can tell that they are great friends and I love that dynamic with young siblings. What I love most about this image is that they are definitely looking for critters – and little sis is all up in her dress and cute sandals standing in the water wanting to find something creepy and crawly!



This one needed no direction.  She pretended to be shy at first, but I think she was secretly loving the camera!


And this guy?  Sweet as ever – but I heard he’s got mean skills on the bball court!

Cute shot of these two. (The kids posed them)


While we all know there are a lot of “thank yous” that I could express here – for now, let me just simply say “thank you” for the compliment of asking me to do these photos for you in the short time that you had back home.  I enjoyed every minute of seeing you all again, and appreciate your support more than you know!  Until next time…