As I get older, I have truly come to value the importance of having friends who “get” you – and maybe even more importantly, understanding the ones that don’t.   But I have been so blessed over the last year to have this friend in my life who “gets” me on a friendship level, a business level, and maybe most importantly … a Mom level …as we both welcomed our first babies into the world 6 weeks apart from each other.

There are so many times that I can think of where I stepped back from an interaction with her over the last year and really realized how lucky I am that our friendship has developed like it has. But it was probably the day that she called me in the middle of an 8-photo-shoot week simply to leave me a voicemail reminding me to pause and take time for myself and my family in the middle of the chaos… in the midst of her own busy life… that said the most to me about who she is as a person.

And if all of that wasn’t good enough… she and her awesome husband are parents to the sweetest little meatball (ever)… and I get to be the one to photograph him!  God love them for being so patient with me and my hectic schedule to get this session done… but it was SO worth the wait, because we landed at the most perfect location with the most perfect evening lighting.  Made it hard to choose which ones to share…





Oh hello gorgeous lighting… gorgeous baby… gorgeous Mama…





Dad surprised Mom with this image on a 16×24 standout display for her birthday.  It is SO beautiful.


Santa’s little elf 🙂


Oh, you three.  THANK YOU for such an incredible session.  You guys are the best (and getting really good at this photo shoot thing).  Can’t wait to celebrate the little man’s birthday soon!  Until next time… (and by next time I mean half-price sushi night) 🙂