I was SO EXCITED when this Mom reached out to me about photographing her little girl again for her one-year photos.  I got to photograph this little lady at 6-months – and she was so precious then, and even more so now!

Considering it was about negative 5 degrees outside – we decided to do her session all indoors in the family’s beautiful home.  And when I walked in and was greeted by a little smiling munchkin with a tutu on – I knew we were in for a great session.   And with the beautiful light coming through their windows throughout the house … there was no need for this flash… so she hung on to it for me 🙂




This was so sweet.  She found Mom and Dad’s wedding album and spent a good 15 minutes looking through it.  As Mom put it, “This is why you’re here, honey!”


A little Mom-and-daughter fun


And a water cheers for she and Daddy! (this was SO. SWEET.)


These brown eyes of hers are so stunning.  And they just light up when she smiles.



Thanks again to you the three of you for another great session and for continuing to support me!  I had a blast hanging out with you  and look forward to getting the girls together for their first play date.  Until next time…


(sorry, buddy… I meant “thanks to the FOUR of you!”)