I am beyond thrilled to (FINALLYYYY) share this with you… and I am so grateful that this is the family to help me bring this vision of adding “a little extra” to a photo shoot to life. Not only are these guys an absolute DREAM to photograph… but they are the most amazing supporters of Photography by Brea who I am beyond grateful for.   Any photographer will tell you how important people like this are to your business… and that’s why I was so happy to be able to show them thanks by helping bring their already evident love between them to life… simply by being in their presence with a camera.

While I by no means consider myself a videographer (although I do want to get to know this part of my camera better!) I know what I AM is someone who loves to capture the emotion of moments and give them to families to keep forever.  And well… when you have a family that is already so filled with positivity, love and laughter as this crew is… it doesn’t make it hard to do that.  So while I am not sure how this is going to fit in the Photography by Brea menu of services down the line… based on the emotional response from this family after seeing this… I think I want to figure that out.  Memories are too fleeting (as this Mom would say) to not have things like this to look back on.

Meet my friends… the amazing (and hilarious) Sega Family.


– Images and video were created by and are copyright Photography by Brea, LLC
– “Thursday Afternoon” – Source: Stock 20.com
– “Hourglass” by Mindy Gledhill – Source: Triple Scoop Music