It was SUCH a perfect day for this little man’s one-year-old debut in front of my camera.  We met at the Avon Lake Boat Club at just a PERFECT time of night in late August – and from the minute this little guy got out of the car … I could tell he was “feeling it!”  He looked dapper, smiled at me right away – and was ready to check out the water and the surrounding area.

One of the things that I truly love about photographing kids is how NONE of them are alike.  It’s really fun to see the details that make them so unique – both in their look and their personality.  And in addition to this guy’s natural swag… I couldn’t help but notice this amazing HAIR!  It settled perfectly on his head in a way that looked like he’d styled it … but when the sun and the wind hit it just right … it was straight up rock-star worthy!







Hellooooo ladies……

In addition to photographing lots of different personalities of kids – I get to meet a lot of different types of parents.  And these two are some of my favorite kind… completely laid back in letting their little guy crawl around and not worried about him looking at the camera the whole time.  The result was a little guy who made it through a full session without even making a peep because he was having such a good time. I think Mom and Dad did too …







One of my favorite “Mom” portraits… such a complete natural “pretty” about her…


Thank you guys so much for such a great session and for allowing me to capture your little man and his amazing, happy, carefree-ness!  I look forward to work with you again sometime in the future as he continues to grow into that personality!   I appreciate your support!  Until next time, folks! …