In doing over 100 photo shoots a year, you can imagine that I run into a lot of different kiddos with a lot of different personalities.  It’s what makes the job fun, and what keeps me on my toes.

In planning this session with Mom – all she kept saying is that she wanted to go somewhere where Miss K could just roam and explore – because that’s what she loves to do.  I thought “ok – that’s pretty typical of a 15-month old” – but when I met this little lady – she was anything BUT typical in the most fantastic way.

To say that she was curious about her surroundings  is a huge understatement… we looked for frogs, smelled flowers, picked up rocks and stacked them on benches, and even went swimming in a creek at the end of the session (<– much props to Mom and Dad for being adventurous themselves!)  And while this little one stopped just long enough a couple of times to allow me to capture her sweet smile… it was otherwise SO MUCH FUN chasing this her around and capturing what HER world looks like 🙂






Seriously… was so awesome when she hopped in the water and Mom and Dad rolled with it.  The images are so worth it.  Someone was extremely excited about being allowed in there too!



Love these Mom-Dad shots




Thanks to all three of you for a really memorable session.  It’s evident how much this little girl is loved and given the freedom to express herself and her love of all of the little things.  Thanks for letting me capture it!  Was great meeting you!  Until next time…