They say that time flies with your own children – one minute they are born and the next minute they’re off to high school.  I already feel that way with my two year old – but I get the same “Where the heck did time go?!” feeling when I  get to see the sweet little babies that I photographed as newborns again.  And earlier this month, I had the chance to do just that.

I photographed this little gem last January when she arrived into the world in all of her teeny tiny glory…


And that sweet, sleepy girl in just 12 months turned into this energetic, curious, adorable blue-eyed toddler who was about to celebrate her first birthday.  To commemorate it, we opted for a fun at-home session with this little lady, and she had no problem showing me around her digs …  introducing me to her favorite toys … and being really adorable along the way 🙂





This was so fantastic.  This giant panda bear is one of her faves – and I love that once Mom saw this image she said that “this is exactly how I’ll remember her at this age”




And I thought there was love between these three then…


…it’s grown into something even more beautiful now…avon-lake-oh-photographer-1-11


Thank you guys so much for welcoming me back.   Loved seeing how much this little lady has grown into her own.  I appreciate your support!  Until next time…