I’m telling you, guys.  I really do have amazing clients.  So much of my ability to stay alive as a photographer is a result of the clients that continue to return to me each year to capture another gallery of memories.  It’s humbling. It’s exciting. It’s fulfilling.  And even though I get to see the occasional picture on Facebook – it’s always great to reconnect in person again and catch up on a year’s worth of change!

This crew of 4 is one of those members of my PBB family that I got to see for a second time a couple of weeks ago.  We photographed big sis for her one year photos back in 2013, and this time – not only did Little Miss grow up gorgeously and take on a hilarious, independent personality – but she has a sweet little sister at her side too.  This family is getting ready to take a turn in their life path and leave the Cleveland area, and I was honored to have been able to give them some photographs for them to document this time for them.



This sweet girl came out of the car with a giant grin on her face.   She’s one of those babies that you look at and know that she has a personality that’s full of sweetness and a genuine happiness for life.  I swear kids could teach us all a little bit about how to just find happiness to just “be” here …






This sweet thing.   She brought out every photographer move that I had to get her to like me at the beginning.  One of those was telling her that Princess Elsa was inside my camera.  Which turned into us searching for Princess Elsa the entire session and getting a little sad that we couldn’t find her. She looked for Elsa in the creek with Daddy.


We searched some more.  No Elsa.  If eyes could speak, hers would say, “Seriously, camera lady. Where is she?”


We looked and looked and never found her. (Note to self: Leave Frozen out of it in the future!) But when I showed her this picture in the back of the camera, she was satisfied that there was, in fact, a princess in our presence. And it was her 😉  And then there was a WHOLE lot of happiness…




Such a cute couple.  Dad wasn’t able to make our session the first time around – so we weren’t missing capturing this shot …


YOU FOUR!!   I know that there are a lot of great things to come for you in this next phase in your lives.  May this path bring the kind of smiles that we captured in this session and all of the positive memories that you have ever wanted to have.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet you.  Wishing you all the best. Until next time… (because you’ll be back to visit right??!) 🙂