I will never forget this family’s first photo shoot with me.  It was early on in my career and one of the first times that I had to reschedule a session because of weather.  I was nervous as can be because I had never had to reschedule a shoot for weather before and I felt like it was MY FAULT… so despite the fact that it was dark clouds and windy outside, I was trying so hard to push off the inevitable!  I was dreading calling my client to talk to her about it – but when I did – not only was she totally go-with-the-flow with the whole thing but we talked for about a half hour after it and got to know each other a  bit.  I knew then that we would have a good photog/client relationship – but I never knew that she would become someone that I truly consider a friend two years later.

It was really neat this year to do their pictures.  Having done play dates with our kids, and play dates together (she roped me into a women’s golf league this summer!) – it was fun to work with them on a different level.  But what wasn’t different was this crew’s ability to deliver. a. session.   We photographed in super-quaint-and-adorable downtown Vermilion to document this family’s love of the water and boating.  When I saw my first 5-10 frames, I knew we were in for another great session…




vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-4 vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-5 vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-6



Halfway through I was a little worried about her trying to steal my job…


Until I saw her trying to get her Dad and her little sister in focus…. (hee hee)



How cute are these two?  This picture has “print me out and hang me up where you can see me every day” written all over it! 😉


vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-15 vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-16 vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-17 vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-18 vermilion-oh-family-photographer-1-19




Mom and I still talk a month later about how great this session was. Such a beautiful morning – perfect location – happy kids – a relaxed everyone!  This was awesome you guys. Thanks so much for your support – and MOST importantly – your friendship.  And to you, friend…  I always hope that the “enjoy the moment” feeling you got from this image … resonates through to your every day moments.  😉  Until next time…