As most of you know, I typically live in the world of newborns, kids and families… but when a couple like Cody and Shanna comes to you and asks if you’ll help them celebrate their engagement… you don’t say no.


They are so beyond fantastic together.  There’s an awesome comfort level between them.  There’s this unwritten freedom for each of them to let the other be nothing but everything that they are.  There’s a playful banter.   And there’s a mutual respect equalled only by the excitement that “long distance” won’t be used to describe their relationship much longer.

The fog hanging on top of the buildings and the you-can-see-your-breath-kind of cold temps became a complete afterthought the minute these two settled into their time in front of the camera.  And I just sat back and snapped.

Congrats, lovebirds… and thanks for the privilege of photographing this time for you!  Cheers to a lifetime of this much love, happiness and connection.