My favorite thing about photographs? They help tell a story. 

And today, in a world where companies are using the internet and social media to tell THEIR stories to their current and prospective customers and followers, photographs have become a key component of a successful brand.

As a business owner whose success relies heavily on social media, I know the importance of a strong image.

Whether you are a blogger who uses images to accompany your posts, or an entreprenuer who is using a website/social media to draw an audience in to your brand … photographs MATTER in today’s marketing world.  And I want to help tell your story.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the addition of Branding Storytelling Sessions to my menu of services.

Recently, two local-to-Pittsburgh entrepreneurs reached out to me to do just that. Melanie Mitro and Katy Ursta, already powerhouse business owners in the network marketing world , recently made a decision to collaborate on a new entrepreneurial endeavor, Chic Influencer, to help bridge the gap for women between where they are and where they want to be in business.

“Katy and I needed these pictures because we wanted a professional look and feel to represent the launch of our new business, Chic Influencer,” Mitro said.  “We know the power of branding right from the start and we wanted our social media platforms, our website and content to represent the quality of services we provide. We knew that in order to stand out, having these professional photos would stop the scroll.”

To put ourselves in the position to have a successful session, I took some time to get to know Chic Influencer.  What is Chic Influencer’s brand personality?  What is the overall aesthetic? What words would they use to describe the business to clients and potential clients?   What kind of posts did they have planned that they lacked strong images for?  This helped us execute the session with efficiency.

I also encouraged them to really think about what they needed.

“We did our homework ahead of time to collect ideas and share our vision with Brea,” they said. “This was the first time working with Brea and it was amazing. Brea is easy to work with, she is laid back, she makes you feel comfortable and really was able to get behind our story and mission and make that come to life in our photos. We didn’t feel rushed through the photoshoot and we walked away feeling confident that we had exactly what we needed for our business.”

Our session delivered over 100 images for Mitro and Ursta to use for their platform… helping drive two months worth of content from the images.

Are you like Katy and Melanie and know the value of strong images to support your marketing messages?

Are you an entrepreneur who needs better pictures to help tell that story?

Are you a blogger/influencer whose images need to better match your value?

Are you constantly taking pictures with your phone or scrolling through your gallery to find images to post to social media?

Are you a brand that has energy and wants to show some personality in your images?

Let me help you!   Go check out more about Branding Photography Sessions HERE… I look forward to helping tell you tell your story!  Thanks to Melanie and Katy for letting me help tell theirs.