Avon Lake, OH Children and Family Photographer | Miss K | 6 months old

I’ve been crazy-fortunate this year to get to do a lot of full-first year milestone sessions (what I consider to be newborn, 6-month and one year).  It’s so fun for me to see how much these sweet little ones have changed, but to also see how much their parents have grown into their role.

I’ve kept up with this little lady on Facebook since she was born this past winter… and she stops me in my tracks every time I see a picture of her.  She’s GOR-GEOUS… and has a shine to her brown eyes that is so special and so hers… I was counting down the months until we got to do this session 🙂

We had a beautiful early morning day by the waters of lake Erie… and while she gave me a couple of those “who are you, and what is that giant contraption doing in my face” looks… her sweet little personality came barreling out and we captured her sweetness and the love that her Mom and Dad can’t stop giving her 😉



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Avon, OH Children and Family Photographer | Baby Boy J | 6-month At-Home Session

This session was crazy-last minute, but also crazy-worth it to make it happen!  Mom and I planned this session in a matter of a couple of weeks – and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with in her ….  and a more sweet, adorable and camera-loving man than this little fella.   Six months is such a special age.  Watching their personalities come barreling through – and watching them be able to sit on a floor independently and explore all of the things they can get their hands on now… it’s the best.

I REALLY loved this being an at-home session.  It was super comfortable (and warm) for the little man.  When I came in – he was hanging out in his jumper and he took some time to try to figure out who the heck I was and what the heck I was doing there… but it was impossible for him to hide his sweet social personality for long. 🙂


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Avon Lake, OH Children and Family Photographer | Mr. M | 6 months old

To say I’m behind on blogging (thanks to all of you keeping me so busy photographing and editing over the last several months) might be the understatement of the century.  But I’m VOWING to get myself caught up here… especially when I have photos of families like this one on deck!

I don’t know what it is – but I feel like I’ve known this family for years.  It could be because Mom and I have exchanged novel emails to each other in our interactions leading up to and after our sessions, or because this is the third time I’ve had the honor of working with them in 9 months (see some shots from their maternity and newborn sessions here), or because they’re the type of people that make you feel comfortable and unbelievably welcome when you meet them. Regardless – to say I was excited to see them again for their little guy’s 6-month session is … well… is in a tie for the OTHER understatement of the century.


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Cleveland Children and Family Photographer | Mr. N | 6 Months Old | Huntington Beach Bay Village, OH

Oh hello blog!  It’s been a while since I’ve seen you!  I feel so badly that I’m so backed up on blogging… especially since THIS session has been waiting as the next one in line to get shared with the world.  OH MY HEART do I love this baby boy and his parents.  I photographed this little dude (who belongs to a dear friend of mine and her incredible husband) when he was brand spankin new in January, and have watched him grow up to this adorable, 6-month old little man.

Mom had texted me pictures of these outfits prior to our session and I knew he was going to look adorable… before we got to see them on him, we had to document these adorable little rolls that are to die for!


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Hudson, OH Children and Family Photographer | A is 6 months old!

I could NOT believe that it was already time to photograph this little girl again for her 6-month shots.  Not only did I get to photograph her when she was a newborn, but ALSO when she was in Mom’s belly (checkout photos from BOTH sessions here)  But it is always SO neat for me to be able to see these little ones come into their own after meeting them when they were only a week new into the world!   And this little one changed so much – but yet, is just as gorgeous as she was as a newborn.

I ADORE this family.  From day one when I met them to do Mom and Dad’s “waiting for baby” session, I knew that they were great people and it has been SUCH an honor to continue to build a friendship with them while helping them document this first year as a family of three (well, four. See the last photo in the blog for reference!)

We decided to do this session in their home and I had so much fun working with the natural backgrounds in their house to capture this little lady in all of her preciousness… and she did not disappoint 🙂


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