Welcome to the World Baby E | Hudson, OH Newborn Photographer

I feel like I’m a huge Sappy McSapperton every time I go to write a blog about one of my families.

But YOU GUYS.  Please tell me how it would be possible to complete a THIRD newborn session in four years (that’s right!) for a Mom and Dad I knew before they were even husband and wife…  and not feel all of the feels.  It has been SO amazing watching this family dynamic evolve with each new little spirit that that has entered their tribe.

This session just felt so REAL.  A true documentation of their life at this exact moment… which is something that this family has always embraced.  Mom and Dad never force perfection in our sessions… but just simply let their kids be kids… which makes perfection happen anyways.  Personalities shining all over the place. Laughter in the room (because you have to laugh through this phase of parenting). And most importantly… love present among it all.

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Happy Mothers Day | Why Moms Changed My Why

Over the last several years, this photography journey has taken me to places and people that I never intended when I bought my first camera.  Clients who were once a name on a first-time inquiry in my inbox have now become friends that I care for dearly.  And I am so lucky for that.

But probably the biggest surprise is how my role behind the lens has inspired me to be such a relentless advocate for moms.

Because in doing hundreds of sessions over the last several years, there’s no question that every single mother who has been on the other side of my camera is beautifully unique from the other.  But she is also very much the same. And SO MANY OF US spend our time comparing our differences, instead of seeing that we all really just want the same things… and that we share in the same struggles.

We have days we have insecurities..  We can fear judgement.  We want a break.  We crave time with our family when no other life responsibility is tempting us in the back of our minds.  We just want to be able to let loose sometimes.  We would do anything for the well being of our kids, and we want them to remember us as being GOOD. We have days where we wonder if we can do it, and then will turn around the next and wonder how we ever existed without them.  We have a hard time with our changing bodies.  We struggle to find balance between being parents and being a married couple.  We want to just “be” and not worry how our parenting choices will be perceived by others, or if they are the best ones for our kids.

Most importantly, we just want to be the best mothers we can be in a world that is constantly trying to tell us we are not.

This was put in front of me EVERY time I photographed a family, and heightened by the fact that I was going through my own growth in motherhood. And that’s when I realized that I had a much bigger calling in this life than to just be a picture taker.

My camera had the power to show a family what exists when you peel away the stress and the social pressure. I had the ability to create a safe space for a couple of hours for them to just “be” who they were without housework, jobs and judgement in their way.   That shutter button could freeze dozens of pictures that a Mom could refer to on the days she felt like she was falling apart.

I have made it my life’s mission both through my lens and through my words on The Thinking Branch to continue to help us all see that it’s OK to be whoever we are.  That doing our best as mothers is enough. That loving our kids hard will trump any mistakes we might make along the way.

It has been an incredible privilege to get to know these mothers. I love hearing their stories. I love when they feel comfortable enough to unleash honesty on me.  I love watching their kids respond to them. I love when their authenticity is undeniable in a picture. I love learning from them. I love being inspired by them.

By YOU!  My beautiful, strong PBB Moms. Thank you for the privilege of being welcomed into your lives to help document these precious times and be able to SHOW YOU everything that is amazing about you and your family.  Let’s keep working together to build bridges between each other as mothers,  to accept ourselves for who we are… and to believe that we are more than enough for our kids.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. Keep shining.

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Welcome to the world Baby S | Avon Lake Newborn Photographer

It feels so good to be in the swing of the photography season after stepping back a little bit over the last couple of months to recharge and spend some time with my crew.   This session with this brand new PBB Family was such a reminder of everything I love about in-home newborn photography.  The comfort level it gives to the family, the personalization of the images, the relaxed environment.

This brand new mom and dad duo couldn’t have been more incredible with each other and with the baby. I was such a deer in headlights the first time I brought a baby home and these two just seemed like naturals in the three hours that we spent together… and I loved the way that they supported each other.

Add all of that together with one of the sweetest babies inside one of the sweetest nurseries… this session was a dream and I’m so grateful to these two for welcoming me so warmly into their home and trusting me to document these first days as a family of three.


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Avon Lake, OH In-Home Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy M

I love my job.  And I especially love my job when I get to work with families like this one.  So nice.  So fun. So easy going.   And I was thrilled when Mom announced another baby was on the way for them – and humbled that she and her husband asked me to come back and help them freeze this next awesome moment in their lives.

What I LOVE about this session is – well, of course – that I got to call “cuddling a newborn  baby” part of my job and get to capture him in all of his teeny-tiny handsomeness. And I also loved that we got to document big sis’s personality and the new dynamic between her and her new little sib too.  It’s something that I really love about photographing a family in their own home for newborn pictures – there’s a comfort level that you can’t replace and it helps such beautiful, personal images for the family.  Because … at the end of the day… a newborn coming into the family is just as much about that baby as it is about a growing family.  And I love capturing that.

Love this collection of images.  Check out one of my favorite families 😉



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Cleveland, OH Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy J | Rocky River, OH

To say that I adore this family is an understatement…  And then to try to put into words how COOL it has been to photograph their family every year (sometimes two times a year) for the last four years is probably pretty impossible.  This session marked our THIRD newborn session together as big sis and big brother welcomed their littlest brother into their tribe.

We stepped outside the “normal” PBB newborn session set up and got outside for the first half of the session to capture some fun family and big sibling shots… as well as some sweet outdoor newborn shots of the little dude before going back and doing some in-home photographs… and I LOVE how complete it made the session feel.








Mom has always photographed with such ease and gorgeousness… ESPECIALLY after having her babies which is extra awesome.  She exuded a really beautiful “zen” spirit that day… which is kind of exactly opposite what you expect when you have two active older siblings in addition to the demands of a new baby… but that’s her. 





And back home for some snoozing in my cozy traveling studio 😉





Moms and Dads of multiple kiddos … don’t ever forget to take pictures together with each individual child.  This is such a special thing for them to have when they’re older.  They’ll be so many pictures of them with their siblings and the whole family… this kind of image is one they’ll cherish.  And you will too.


You guys are so amazing.  If I write too much I’ll probably cry… so we’ll just say “until next time…” – and get really excited that “next time” we will have a whole new set of locations to choose from.  Love you all.  Until then…