I feel like I’m a huge Sappy McSapperton every time I go to write a blog about one of my families.

But YOU GUYS.  Please tell me how it would be possible to complete a THIRD newborn session in four years (that’s right!) for a Mom and Dad I knew before they were even husband and wife…  and not feel all of the feels.  It has been SO amazing watching this family dynamic evolve with each new little spirit that that has entered their tribe.

This session just felt so REAL.  A true documentation of their life at this exact moment… which is something that this family has always embraced.  Mom and Dad never force perfection in our sessions… but just simply let their kids be kids… which makes perfection happen anyways.  Personalities shining all over the place. Laughter in the room (because you have to laugh through this phase of parenting). And most importantly… love present among it all.

Anyone know where big brother went? 🙂

Loved this moment. We were trying to get a solo shot of just Mom and the baby… but the older two were notttttt quiteeee ready to give her up… and came right back in the frame.  And we let them 🙂 

Alright, buddy. I’ll cut out the paparazzi act for now.  But only until next time…

Thanx for everything you guys! Congrats on this next chapter

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