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Cleveland, OH Children and Family Photographer | Little Italy | The F Family

I adore this family. There’s no other way to say it.  From a photographer’s standpoint – it’s obvious that they are a dream family to have on the other end of the lens with the adorable, flirtatious little boys and a Mom and Dad who have such a playful and “real” relationship with their kids.  There’s little directing, and a whole lot of just stepping back and making sure that you capture that authenticity in the most perfect way you can during our sessions.

But personally… they’re the kind of people who leave their own holiday party that they’re hosting to drop your Thanksgiving dinner off on your family’s doorstep because one of your kids got sick and you couldn’t leave the house.   Or who demand that they take your kids one night so you can have a solo dinner together as husband and wife and GENUINELY enjoy doing it.  Needless to say – I could spend all of my time with these guys and never have it get old.

We’ve worked together on a lot of sessions – and Mom’s idea to head to Little Italy for this one couldn’t be more fitting to mix it up from what we’ve done before but also add a little sentiment as the location has a lot of personal meaning to them.  I’m proud of how authentically these pictures document who they are as individuals and as a whole… but more proud to call them friends…



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Avon Lake, OH In-Home Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy M

I love my job.  And I especially love my job when I get to work with families like this one.  So nice.  So fun. So easy going.   And I was thrilled when Mom announced another baby was on the way for them – and humbled that she and her husband asked me to come back and help them freeze this next awesome moment in their lives.

What I LOVE about this session is – well, of course – that I got to call “cuddling a newborn  baby” part of my job and get to capture him in all of his teeny-tiny handsomeness. And I also loved that we got to document big sis’s personality and the new dynamic between her and her new little sib too.  It’s something that I really love about photographing a family in their own home for newborn pictures – there’s a comfort level that you can’t replace and it helps such beautiful, personal images for the family.  Because … at the end of the day… a newborn coming into the family is just as much about that baby as it is about a growing family.  And I love capturing that.

Love this collection of images.  Check out one of my favorite families 😉



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Cleveland, OH Children and Family Photographer | The B Family | University Circle

This. Session. Was. EVERYTHING.

Everything, you guys.

I knew going into this session that this family was going to be fantastic… all of our communication leading up to it was just awesome.   This session was a gift from this Dad to his wife (<– I might be a little biased, but best. gift. ever.)… and they both were involved in the overall planning of the session which was really cool.

Our session day couldn’t have been more beautiful after getting our original date booted by weather.  And you combine the gorgeous day with this adorable straight-out-of-a-magazine family and their incredible spirits that they came with that day… well… I was in photographer heaven.  And you’ll see why.



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Happy Father’s Day PBB Dads | Cleveland, OH Newborn and Family Photographer | Photography by Brea

It’s Father’s Day… and on this day I LOVE looking back on some of the pictures of Dads that I’ve taken over the last year.  Each picture is so personal and special to each of these Dads and these families… but when you put them all together like this… it’s a pretty awesome representation of what a Dad really stands for.   There’s so much love, happiness, hilarity, solidarity and support in these images… and MANNNN is it an awesome privilege to have the responsibility of grabbing those emotions, sending them through my camera, and delivering them on the other end to go and live for a lifetime in family archives  (No pressure, right?)

In going through some of the images from this past year – it’s pretty obvious what a cool array of personalities, stories and backgrounds that these Dads have.

… Dads who melt around their army of pink-bowed girls… and ones who are just as much of a softie with their duo of boys.

… Dads who carry their third newborn baby around like a football… and ones who hold their first born as if she’s going to break right there in their arms.

… Dads who sacrifice time away from their families to provide for them… and ones who sacrifice for us and their families as military men and public service officers.

…Dads who weren’t sure if they were ever going to get the chance to called “Dad”… and ones who don’t share blood with the children that unquestionably call them Dad.

… Dads who fight for inclusion for their children… and ones who fight off tears watching their wife and baby get photographed.

But in ALL of those different personalities, stories and backgrounds… one thing absolutely remains the same: a love for the little ones who rely on them for all of that love, happiness, hilarity, solidarity and support.  And these images so beautifully represent that.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, fellas.  And a special shout out to the PBB Dads who were cool enough to take off the tough guy armor, and show all of this vulnerability in front of my camera.  Your kids will give you an extra thanks for it … especially when they have these images hanging in their own houses someday 😉





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Heart First, Camera Second | Photography by Brea | Cleveland, OH Children and Family Photographer

So… it’s been almost four years since I left my “real” job and jumped into this photography thing – and naturally, after several hundred sessions and tens of thousands of shutter clicks …. there’s a time where you stop for a second and start to question if your style needs a fresh new take or if you need to change the way you approach sessions. You look at other photographers with umpteen thousand followers and you’re like “crap… her styled shoots are amazing. do i need to learn how to do that?” or “man, that editing is insane. should I be editing more dramatically?”

Early in this photography journey I compared myself A LOT to other photographers.  It’s a natural thing to do when you’re traveling that path of trying to figure out “who you are” as a photographer.   I’ve come a long way since then in the sense that I have learned to trust what’s in my heart and be confident in the way that I choose to approach my work. Because back in the day when I was doing something photographically that I KNEW wasn’t “me” – at the end of it, the pictures reflected it. And I hated that feeling.

But over the last couple of months that “unsettling comparison” crap started creeping in.  And I started to waver.  No idea where it came from but it hit me hard.  And that little devil voice was like, “Hey Brea. Seriously. You’ve been doing this for a while.  Do we need to do an overhaul?”

And then – this session happened… and it brought my thoughts right back in focus.

This family has been with me for four years and I’m pretty sure we’re officially in double digits in the amount of sessions we’ve done together.  Luckily – Mom has always shared my vision about what makes a photograph beautiful.  The “imperfectly perfect” shot that we always talk about that is more about “emotion” and “authenticity” than it is about “technicality.”

But… you want to talk about a challenge to keep things fresh?  We’ve done the lake thing. We’ve done the park thing (a couple times). We’ve done the downtown thing.  We even did the OTHER STATE thing.  But the one place we hadn’t gone?  The one place where their “emotion” and “authenticity” as a family really comes out? Their home.   And it was imperfectly perfect with these three hilariously adorable and incredibly-unique-from-each-other little men and their incredible Mom and Dad.


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