Ever since becoming a Mom myself – I have found that I am loving my newborn photo sessions even more than I did before.  I have such a deeper appreciation for what little miracles they are, and can genuinely understand and share in the excitement (and exhaustion!) with the families about what an amazing feeling it is to welcome a baby into the world.

Recently, I did a newborn session for a family who welcomed baby #2 into their lives.  This little lady was just six days old when we photographed her – and she couldn’t have been more of a gem to work with.

She was wide awake when I arrived – so we captured her amazingly alert eyes checking out her new digs 🙂


I had Mom feed her to try to get her to doze off for those precious sleepy baby photos – and while I was waiting I snuck into the living room to capture the newest big brother playing with his awesome train set. (He could have cared less I was photographing him he was so enthralled with the cars!)


After about 20 minutes we had success!! A peaceful, dreaming baby who helped me capture her in all of her newborn sweetness!




Love the glow in a new Mom’s eye. (And yes, friends – she looks this good just 6 days after giving birth!)


CONGRATULATIONS to this new family of four.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home for a few hours to capture all of the happiness and love that is under your roof 🙂