This sweet baby boy arrived just six days before I had planned a visit home in PA to spend some QT with my family – and that made him the perfect little candidate to be the next baby to fill up my memory card.   I photographed his big brother last summer, and I knew that it was in the genes to be photogenic, but I didn’t know he would be THIS good!


It took us a little bit to get him cozy and comfortable (Mr. Social didn’t want to miss anything!), but when we did – he gave us magic!  I could just squeeze him!  Such a doll baby.




There are a lot of benefits to doing newborn shoots in the family’s home.  And one of them is making it easier for them especially if an older sibling is around.  This big brother simply played in the next room with his aunt while we grabbed some shots of the newest member of the family.  And whenever he wanted to come in – we let him come in – and snapped some of these shots of him loving up his baby bro.  How sweet are these two?


And Mom and Dad are pretty amazing with him too…baby-and-dad


This was an incredibly special session for me, and an honor to capture this exciting time for this family that I love dearly. Congratulations, you guys!  Wish you so many amazing memories to come as a new crew of four!