When I talked to this Mom on the phone – I knew that we were going to have a great session.  We both connected in our excitement as the moms of 6 month olds (and the joys of dealing with cat-napping!).  Not to mention, I had already met her sister and her family in a previous shoot, and it’s obvious that the genuine/kind gene runs strong in this family.

Mom decided it would be easiest and best for the baby to do the photo shoot at their house – so I headed from Avon Lake to Mayfield Heights to make it happen!  When I came into the living room to meet this little lady – she flashed her two-tooth grin at me and I knew it was going to be a great session… and I was right.  Adorableness galore.


She was hilarious just lounging on her boppy.  Like an older lady just out in her garden enjoying a sunny day!





We headed into the house to capture a couple of shots.  Dad wanted her in a “chill” outfit for a couple of photos – and it paid off!  The cuteness is out of control! 🙂






Thanks to this amazing Mom for welcoming me to your home 🙂  November babies rock!! 🙂