How sweet is this?  This little one’s Godfather and his wife purchased this family a photo shoot as a gift for her christening!  I really love meeting clients for the first time – and the minute I met this crew, I knew we were going to be in for a great shoot… because not only were Mom and Dad great, but the family dog was along for his big moment in front of the camera!

These big brown eyes could make anyone melt.



I love this Mama/Baby shot …


Love his smile while kissing her.



 These two had their wedding pics taken at Rocky River Park and had an image of Dad dipping Mom.  So, we recreated it, and just inserted the other important girl in his life 🙂


For those of you that know me best… you know how much I love dogs.  (And by love, I mean LOVE).  So when these guys asked if it was ok if the dog came along for the shoot, I couldn’t get yes out fast enough.  I think he kind of loved it.




Thank you so much for a really great morning session by the lake!  A beautiful family with a lot of love.  Thanks for sharing your time with me! Until next time…