I really do love offering in-home newborn photography and the laid back, comfortable atmosphere it provides for the Mom and Dad AND the baby, as well as the quiet time that it provides for them in the first week with so many visitors coming by.

And this session just seemed to have an extra “peaceful” feeling about it – and this little lady was obviously feeling that too because she was relaxed the entire time. This absolutely gorgeous little 6 day old seemed to love being cuddled, wrapped and dressed up in bows.  So we made sure to do that for her! A lot 🙂



One of the few times little miss opened her eyes in the couple hours I was there.  But when she was awake, these alert eyes were just soaking in her new world around her



Two of my favorite images from this session showing the love and bond these three have.



CONGRATULATIONS to you two for the addition of your sweet little angel into your lives and THANK YOU for making me feel so welcome in your home.  Soak in every single minute of today, and all of the love and joy that’s to come.    Until next time…