January has been the month of the early-bird Mom!  This little lady’s Mom had her session on the calendar since way back in late summer, and it felt great to finally meet Mom and Dad and their brand new baby girl who decided to make an early arrival!

Let’s be honest… it’s a REALLY big deal when new families who have never met me (outside of a phone consultation or email) open their doors to their home with their brand new baby inside.  And it’s a pretty awesome thing when you walk OUT the doors to feel as though you were friends with them all along. That’s the type of people that these parents were.  So great!

Not to mention this little angel was A-DORABLE.  She loved the unending cuddles from Mom and Dad … and she must have known how peaceful and perfect she looked when she was in their arms…





Feeling safe and secure on Daddy’s shoulder…


… and then trying to tell Daddy that she’s hungry! (You have no idea how hilarious this was in the moment!)


Love this baby-and-mama image.  Every time Mom held her, she cuddled into this exact spot and was so peaceful.


Thank you so so much for a fantastic session!   What a beautiful baby girl with two amazing people as parents. You guys were just awesome. Until next time…


A special thank you to my assistant.