Last month, I had two moms on my calendar that were due on the same day…and what are the odds!! Both of them ended up delivering on the same day (a couple of days past their due date) only hours apart!  It was an exciting day for me as I LOVE the moment of finding out my clients’ little bundles have arrives.  And I was SO excited to get the news that this little one made his debut as this session has been planned for a long time! 🙂

When Mom and Dad started posting his little debut pictures on Facebook, I could hardly wait to meet him in person and capture his adorableness in my memory card. And WHAT a sweetheart he is.  It was so fun to watch his big beautiful eyes just stare down his parents’ faces as if to soak them in after only hearing their voices for so long.

And Little Mister Social Bug wanted to be awake and hang out… so, as always, we listened … and the result is a GORGEOUS set of lifestyle images that show the beautiful bond between this new family.



Dad is extremely proud of his swaddling abilities…. as he should be.  Someone looks nice and cozy and content.




I swear to you, I get to photograph the absolute most beautiful mothers.  I love, love, love this image.


… and not to mention the sweetest Dads.  Loved watching him with his little guy.


Thank you so much to both of you for your incredible support over the last year.  I loved getting to spend this time with you and help welcome your little guy into the world via my camera.  I wish you guys many more sweet moments like this to come. 🙂  Until next time….


A little shout out to the “other” baby in this family.