Oh this precious, precious little thing!  Only five days old when we photographed her, and she zipped through this photo shoot with ease. No peeps.  Just a wake of the eyes to let Mom know that she was hungry.  I think the light rain hitting the windows helped keep her nice and soothed. Such a doll baby.

What made the session even better? Mom and Dad were FANTASTIC.  We talked A LOT of sports, I learned about their low-key/outdoor wedding that they say suited “them”, and most importantly – I saw two people who were so crazy in love with this latest addition to their family and settling into life as parents as if its what they had done all of their lives…




Mom and Dad are Browns Season Ticket Holders. This one was an important one to Dad. I don’t care who you root for… this is sweet 🙂


Burp break 😉  I love seeing babies in this little position – so tiny and fits right into Mom’s hands!


And she didn’t seem too unhappy in Daddy’s hands either…




A HUGE congrats to you guys on welcoming Miss P into your world.  I came into your house a stranger, and felt like I left your house knowing you for years!  Thanks for an amazing session – and I look forward to seeing you guys again in the future!  Until next time…

I had a good time too, little lady! ;)…