It’s crazy to me that I’m at a point where I have been doing photography long enough that I am beginning to have the opportunity to do a second newborn shoot for the same family.  Not only is it cool to meet the next member of their family, but it’s also fun to watch the older sibling who was once cuddled up on my blankets be this adorable toddler watching the photo shoot in the wings.

This session was an awesome experience because of that – not to mention we had a perfect little baby to work with, a sweet-as-can-be older sister,  plus two parents that I always enjoy catching up with every time we’re together.  And it was so sweet seeing the emotions come out when they had a chance to slow down a second, step back and soak in the gorgeousness of their daughters and the bond that is already forming between them.

We spent all of our time in their beautifully lit / beautifully decorated nursery – and this sweet baby girl was so sweet and serene … it made for a dream session…





When I took this shot of Mom I vividly remember how stunning she was last time we photographed her during her oldest daughter’s newborn session.   Still has the radiant new Momma glow the second time around…


She kept putting her hand up on Dad’s face. So sweet.


Big sis was such a rockstar during our session. Was fun watching her peek in every once in a while as if to check and make sure her little sis was doing ok …


cleveland, oh newborn photographer


Thank you guys SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to document yet another special moment for your family.  I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing how these two princesses of yours grow even closer. You guys are great!  Until next time…