This senior session was full of ev-er-y-thing that I LOVE about working with high school seniors.  This soon-to-be grad absolutely OWNED this session with her positive vibe, her sweet spirit, her (amazing) outfits and her added touch of bringing a portable speaker to jam to some Maroon 5 during our session (I may or may not have been busted whipping out some dance moves and clicking the camera to the beat.)   But the best part of the session was watching her have a ton of confidence and exude a lot of joy in front of my camera.  It was awesome.

Allow me to introduce the very first shot out of my camera.  It set the tone for what was to come…



She had so much fun with this hat during the session.  Love an accessory that can add a completely different vibe to a photograph/an outfit.







Avon-Lake-OH-high-school-senior-photographer-1-12 Avon-Lake-OH-high-school-senior-photographer-1-13



I worked a lot with Mom leading up to this session.  I loved hearing her talk about her daughter… so proud to be her Mom, and so grateful for the person that her daughter has become.  She came along for our session … and she was SO amazing in her willingness to just step back and let her daughter take in the experience and let me have creative freedom while we were photographing. ( I appreciate that more than you know.)  We even snuck her into a couple of pictures … and it was kind of impossible to keep these two and their vibrant personalities under control for a second (ha!) but I loved capturing their relationship in a couple of photos.



Kayla thank you so much for an incredible session!  YOU inspired ME during our time together. Wishing you nothing but all of that goodness and positivity you have in you… coming right back to you in your next steps in life.  Stay true to the girl who’s in these pictures… and you’ve got an amazing future ahead of you. Until next time…