We had a stunning night in Avon, OH to be the backdrop for my session with this crew of five to help celebrate the littlest dude’s first birthday!

Being a Mom myself usually allows me to bring a lot of patience and perspective to a session.  While I know everyone’s family dynamics are different and every kids’ personalities are unique… I’ve learned in my almost 6 years of photographing that there are a lot of things that are the same, too.   And so I’ll bring some of the techniques I use to engage my own kids with my client kids.  But with this session – I truly felt like I was engaging my own kids! ha!  The trio of personalities (and ages!) in these kiddos were hilariously similar to my three.  The loving, older one who follows the rules.  The middle one who is sweet, independent and an edge-walker.  And the baby… who loves life and goes with the flow.

SO MUCH family dynamics and personality awesomeness came pouring into my lens this night and I loved everything about the colors, the love and the connection that came through in these photos.  I’ve photographed these guys when they were a family of three and a family of four… and they make a pretty phenomenal party of five, too …



This last picture, you guys… it. is. EVERYTHING.  Everything that sums up the beautiful chaos of raising three kids so young and so close in age. Things aren’t always perfect… but then again, they kind of are 🙂  Until next time, you guys. (And coffee, Mom!!)

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