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Happy First Birthday To Mr. G | Avon, OH Children and Family Photographer

We had a stunning night in Avon, OH to be the backdrop for my session with this crew of five to help celebrate the littlest dude’s first birthday!

Being a Mom myself usually allows me to bring a lot of patience and perspective to a session.  While I know everyone’s family dynamics are different and every kids’ personalities are unique… I’ve learned in my almost 6 years of photographing that there are a lot of things that are the same, too.   And so I’ll bring some of the techniques I use to engage my own kids with my client kids.  But with this session – I truly felt like I was engaging my own kids! ha!  The trio of personalities (and ages!) in these kiddos were hilariously similar to my three.  The loving, older one who follows the rules.  The middle one who is sweet, independent and an edge-walker.  And the baby… who loves life and goes with the flow.

SO MUCH family dynamics and personality awesomeness came pouring into my lens this night and I loved everything about the colors, the love and the connection that came through in these photos.  I’ve photographed these guys when they were a family of three and a family of four… and they make a pretty phenomenal party of five, too …

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Welcome to the world Baby S | Avon Lake Newborn Photographer

It feels so good to be in the swing of the photography season after stepping back a little bit over the last couple of months to recharge and spend some time with my crew.   This session with this brand new PBB Family was such a reminder of everything I love about in-home newborn photography.  The comfort level it gives to the family, the personalization of the images, the relaxed environment.

This brand new mom and dad duo couldn’t have been more incredible with each other and with the baby. I was such a deer in headlights the first time I brought a baby home and these two just seemed like naturals in the three hours that we spent together… and I loved the way that they supported each other.

Add all of that together with one of the sweetest babies inside one of the sweetest nurseries… this session was a dream and I’m so grateful to these two for welcoming me so warmly into their home and trusting me to document these first days as a family of three.


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Cleveland, OH Children and Family Photographer | Little Italy | The F Family

I adore this family. There’s no other way to say it.  From a photographer’s standpoint – it’s obvious that they are a dream family to have on the other end of the lens with the adorable, flirtatious little boys and a Mom and Dad who have such a playful and “real” relationship with their kids.  There’s little directing, and a whole lot of just stepping back and making sure that you capture that authenticity in the most perfect way you can during our sessions.

But personally… they’re the kind of people who leave their own holiday party that they’re hosting to drop your Thanksgiving dinner off on your family’s doorstep because one of your kids got sick and you couldn’t leave the house.   Or who demand that they take your kids one night so you can have a solo dinner together as husband and wife and GENUINELY enjoy doing it.  Needless to say – I could spend all of my time with these guys and never have it get old.

We’ve worked together on a lot of sessions – and Mom’s idea to head to Little Italy for this one couldn’t be more fitting to mix it up from what we’ve done before but also add a little sentiment as the location has a lot of personal meaning to them.  I’m proud of how authentically these pictures document who they are as individuals and as a whole… but more proud to call them friends…



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Cleveland, OH Children and Family Photographer | The B Family | University Circle

This. Session. Was. EVERYTHING.

Everything, you guys.

I knew going into this session that this family was going to be fantastic… all of our communication leading up to it was just awesome.   This session was a gift from this Dad to his wife (<– I might be a little biased, but best. gift. ever.)… and they both were involved in the overall planning of the session which was really cool.

Our session day couldn’t have been more beautiful after getting our original date booted by weather.  And you combine the gorgeous day with this adorable straight-out-of-a-magazine family and their incredible spirits that they came with that day… well… I was in photographer heaven.  And you’ll see why.



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