This session happened back in earlyJanuary and I’m a little late in blogging it – but was too adorable to not share.   This little man couldn’t have been more calm and content as he allowed me to photograph him in all of his peaceful sweetness.   He literally had not a single care in the world the entire time I was there … just sat back and enjoyed his debut in front of my camera … pretty sure he was well aware of how cute he is!  🙂  Here are a few of my favorites …






Oh those perfect little details…


Completely in love with this moment with Mom.   The way that newborns just kind of curl right up to you every time you pick them up from their crib or their swing is so precious … and I love how she was soaking that in.


Thank you so much for a great session – and congratulations on that incredible little person being in your lives.  Until next time… (see you soon!)